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Rug Basics

A Rug, from the latin "Rogus" is a heavy material that most people use to cover part of their floor. We're still trying to figure out what others are doing with theirs. We say heavy material not heavy fabric, because rugs are not all made out of fabric. Sometimes animals are slaughtered, skinned, treated, and spralled out in front of a fireplace. Lovely. Othertimes, animals aren't hurt at all, like sheep. And when animals aren't desired or available, there's always nylon, polyester, acrylic, or some other synthetic yarn.



Rug Buying Tips

So it is time to buy a new area rug, but how do you choose the best one? There are several things you need to consider when it comes to buying an area rug to be sure that you are completely satisfied with your final choice.


Types of Rugs

Indian rugs and their crafting are one of the most sought after types of rug design available today, and their creation dates back several centuries. The beginnings of these artistic pieces go back to the functionality of the rugs, and thus they are made of extremely durable fibers and with a very secured method to anchoring the threads.



Care and Maintenance Tips

So you've decided to purchase a new rug and think you want to try installing it yourself . . .  great! Installing a rug is not as hard as it seems and is a project that many people find that they can handle on their own. So go ahead; with a little effort you can have that rug installed beautifully in no time.



Suggested Rug Shopping Places

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